Professor Qumsiyeh’s “discovery”

Mazin Qumsiyeh is a professor of genetics at the Yale Medical School and a rabid hater of Israel. Earlier this week the New York Sun reported an incredible story by James Kirchick regarding Qumsiyeh. According to Professor Qumsiyeh, the alleged overlap of Jewish student members of Yale College Students for Democracy and the Yale Friends of Israel revealed the existence of a “Jewish pro-war cabal.”
Qumsiyeh circulated the names of the students (several of them erroneous) by e-mail to the listserve of the Yale Coalition for Peace. Qumsiyeh’s e-mail bizarrely advised that the Yale College Students for Democracy “subscribes to the same Straussian theology that the no-cons [sic] around Bush have been pushing [Wolfowitz, Perle, Wurmser, Kristol, Feith]. I think you will find the list informative. Note that there is significant overlap of this list with the


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