“A Pack, Not a Herd”

That’s Glenn Reynolds’ formula, and it fits what happened when a crazed Australian–not a terrorist, it turned out, just a nut–went berserk and charged the cockpit on a Qantas flight, attacking a flight attendant. The Sydney Morning Herald has a nice account of the incident.
“I just thought, ‘You’re not getting in there to the flight deck’,” said flight attendant Greg Khan, fighting back tears. “So I took him on, I suppose.”
The flight attendant drove the madman back into the main cabin, where passengers helped to subdue him. The flight attendant, who was wounded in the attack, said he “was not surprised passengers leapt to his aid to fight the hijacker: ‘No, not since September 11, no one is going to put up with that anymore,’ he said.”
The era of airplane hijackings is over.


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