How Dashcle does it

The Washington Post has an interesting portrait of Tom Daschle cranking up his re-election machine in our favorite red state: “Democrat in Bush country.” Key fact: “[Daschle] said he plans to raise at least $10 million — enough money to purchase heavy air time starting this summer or sooner, and running straight through Election Day. South Dakota television markets are among the nation’s cheapest, so voters are likely to watch another 18 months of political ads.”
Good as it is, the Post story does not cover all the relevant angles. Daschle’s race cannot be understood without frequent consultation with the blogs Inside South Dakota and South Dakota Politics. There Daschle’s relationship with South Dakota’s dominant political reporter has been the subject of recent posts, as well as Linda Daschle’s lobbying work for Schering-Plough — today’s entry in the corporate scandals department.


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