Has Ariel Sharon betrayed Israel?

If Caroline Glick is correct in saying that President has betrayed Israel by insisting on the road map for peace (see my post below), then hasn’t Ariel Sharon also betrayed Israel by accepting the road map? It is true that Sharon accepted it only under pressure from America, but the pressure was merely verbal. If the acceptance of the road map, in itself, manifestly jeopardizes Israel’s security, then it was a betrayal for Sharon to have agreed to it, and the people of Israel should no longer trust hiim. But the notion that Ariel Sharon would betray Israel is highly implausible. In this piece from the Jerusalem Post, Hillel Halkin an astute Israeli analyst whose work frequently appears in Commentary magazine, explains why Sharon has done no such thing and why, contrary to suggestions by the Labor party, Sharon need not ask for forgiveness at the grave of Yitzhak Rabin.


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