Grounds for Pessimism

In a post earlier this morning I noted that reform in the Arab world is necessary, but may not be possible. These photos, all taken in the last few days, reflect the fact that much of the Arab world is in the grip of what can only be considered a kind of mass hysteria or insanity.
Here, a Hamas member at an anti-Israel rally on the West Bank poses as a homicide bomber.
At another anti-Israel rally last week, Hamas members enact an attack on an Israeli bus, to the approval of thousands of onlookers.
This one shows a crowd of women at an anti-Israel rally at the An-Najah University in the West Bank town of Nablus. The accompanying news story says:
“A 19-year-old woman who blew herself up at an Israeli mall nearly two weeks ago has raised something of a feminist debate among Palestinians: Should women hop over conservative societal barriers to join the almost exclusively male ranks of suicide bombers?”
And here’s one from Pakistan, where teams of Muslims are going about the country tearing down billboards that contain pictures of women, which they consider obscene:


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