Blair Responds to WMD Critics

The Scotsman reports on Tony Blair’s heated response to the growing chorus of criticism of the allies’ alleged failure to find evidence of Iraq’s weapos of mass destruction:
“I certainly do know some of the stuff that has been already accumulated as the result of interviews and other [information] which is not yet public. What we are going to do is assemble that evidence and present it properly to people.
“Those people who are sitting there and saying, ‘It’s all going to be proved to be a big fib got out by the security services. There will be no weapons of mass destruction’, just wait and have a little patience.
“And I have no doubt whatever that the evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction will be there. Absolutely.
“What is more, as the investigations proceed over the weeks and months… I have no doubt at all that we will be able to give people a complete picture at the end of it, both of the intelligence that we had and what we’ve actually found.”
It would be typical of President Bush to lie in the weeds and allow his critics become increasingly bold in their attacks, and then cut them off at the knees with irrefutable evidence of Saddam’s weapons programs and probably also of his links to al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Is this Bush’s plan? I have no idea, but I hope so–and I think the Democratic Presidential candidates fear that this is what he has in mind. Hence their silence, so far, at least.


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