Kucinich Jumps on Lynch Bandwagon

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a Democratic Presidential candidate, has written Donald Rumsfeld to demand that the Pentagon release “unedited” footage of the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, and answer a list of questions prompted by the much-debunked BBC report of a week ago (e.g., “Did U.S. troops have information suggesting that Iraqi forces had abandoned the hospital?”). Kucinich explained: “Nothing the administration has said about Private Lynch has been verified by private news reports. It’s time to find out the truth.”
This kind of thing will go on for a while, but I don’t think there is lot of doubt about what the facts surrounding the rescue were. By the way, isn’t it somewhat ironic that the same people who criticized the Pentagon for supposedly underestimating Iraqi resistance early in the war, when the offensive was supposedly “stalled,” are now equally quick to say that the Army needn’t have sent armed soldiers to rescue Lynch, but should have strolled up the hospital and rung the doorbell on the assumption that there would be no Iraqi soldiers in sight?


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