CIA to Reveal Intelligence to Congress

CIA officials have told Fox News that they will turn over a four-foot high stack of documents to Congress next week, comprising the intelligence on which the agency’s assessment of Iraq’s illicit weapons programs was based.
Liberals have been viciously attacking both President Bush and Prime Minister Blair for some days now, advancing the absurd claim that they “lied” about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction as a pretext for war. This strikes me as another in a series of desperate moves by the Left. Everyone believed (correctly, I am sure) that Iraq had such weapons. That was the basis for the 1998 Congressional resolution on regime change; it was the reason for the various U.N. resolutions and the inspection program; and Iraqi officials threatened to use them against our troops. Moreover, it seems virtually certain that the Administration will be able to piece together a compelling picture of Iraq’s weapons programs, based on interviews it is now conducting with Iraqis, analysis of documentary evidence, and discoveries of banned weapons, some of which have already been found. Will the liberals then apologize to Bush and Blair? I suppose not. But it is hard to see how they think they can come out ahead on this issue in the long run.


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