Michelle Malkin on the Justice Dept. Report

The Trunk linked to Michelle Malkin’s column “Ashcroft vs. the Chicken Littles — Again” earlier today, as an update to a post from yesterday. The Trunk’s post, and Michelle’s article, are on the inspector general’s report on the Justice Department’s detention of illegal aliens in the aftermath of September 11. As the Trunk and Michelle are the only two people I know of who have actually read the report and commented on it intelligently, I wanted to link to Michelle’s column again for those who may have missed Trunk’s update.
In an email exchange earlier this afternoon, Michelle said: “I fear the report, and the hysterical characterizations of it by the Chicken Littles, will have a chilling effect on aggressive immigration enforcement. Exactly what the open-borders crowd, and the terrorists, are praying for.”
She is surely correct; and yet those same people will be the first to condemn the Bush administration the next time an illegal alien carries out a terrorist attack.


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