The Democrats’ war on terrorism

One of the disturbing aspects of the Democratic party’s response to 9/11 has been its various attempts to use the war against terrorism as a pretext for adopting its social agenda. One example we have reported on is the push for immigration “reforms” that further the pro-immigration agenda. Michael Fumento of the Hudson Institute describes another example in this piece in the Washington Times. According to Fumento, environmental groups and their champion Sen. Jon Corzine are trying to piggyback their attempts to banish vital industrial chemicals, especially chlorine, onto the war on terrorism. Fumento finds irony in attempts to slash the use of chlorine in the name of fighting terrorism, inasmuch as chlorine protects our supply of drinking water from germs and was used to disinfect offices contaminated by the anthrax mailings.
Yup, the liberals have just the formula combatting terrorism — the early release from custody of those suspected of terrorism and the enactment of industry-bashing environmental laws.


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