Hillary’s Future Looks Bleak

I assumed that Hillary Clinton wrote her book as part of her strategy to clear the decks for a 2008 Presidential run by definitively putting Bill, Monica, Whitewater etc. behind her. Dick Morris, on the other hand, says it has nothing to do with politics and she did it strictly for the money.
If Hillary is planning a Presidential run in 2008, her prospects look grim, according to this ABC News poll. She is viewed favorably by only 44% of Americans, and unfavorably by 48%, of which 32% have a strongly unfavorable view. In a race against Bush, she loses 58% to 34% and Bush carries all regions of the country, including the northeast.
It’s possible, of course, that these numbers could improve. But Hillary is a well-known commodity and virtually everyone has a pretty firm opinion about her, so it will be hard for her to move the numbers much.
A happy footnote: the ABC News article mentions in passing that conservative Republicans outnumber liberal Democrats two to one.


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