Strauss Out, Trotsky In

I missed this piece when it appeared in Canada’s National Post a few days ago; better late than never. The Post argues that Trotsky is a major influence on the White House, specifically with respect to Iraq. Among the Trotskyites is, naturally, Paul Wolfowitz.
You don’t see the connection? Historian Stephen Schwartz does: “Those are the two things that the neo-cons and the Trotskyists always had in common: the ability to anticipate rather than react and the moral courage to stand apart from liberal left opinion when liberal left opinion acts like a mob.” There you have it.
The Post concludes: “This dispute over the true legacy of Trotsky and Shachtman illustrates how the Left Opposition still stirs passion. The strength of a living tradition is in its ability to inspire rival interpretations. Despite Stalin’s best efforts, Trotskyism is a living force that people fight over.” Yes, as long as there are those among us who anticipate rather than reacting and who disagree with liberals, Trotsky’s influence will be felt.


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