The new European commissariat

I’ve been checking out Natalie Solent’s fine blog ever since Mark Steyn said it was his favorite. Today, she steered me to this piece from Winds of Change about the European Union. It provides links to pieces that document the flawed and dangerous character of the EU. And it reaches this ominous conclusion: “No, the EU is not a tyranny — but anyone who has even casually read history should be worried — because it certainly looks like it’s headed that way. All of the basic ingredients are being put into place, and require only political crises in which officials either insulate themselves further or strike back at their critics to push it farther and farther along a dark and well-worn path. These tendencies are making the EU an increasingly dangerous actor on the international stage. The events of the last century were no accident — there is a deep, deep hole in Europe’s soul and it’s still there.


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