The second time as farce

Buried in the Washington Post account of the Israeli attack on Abdel Aziz Rantisi is his statement from his hospital bed: “I am telling Sharon and all the Israeli murderers, you don’t have any security unless you leave the country. There will be no single Jew in Palestine. We will fight them with all the power that we have.” It should be clear that it is the Israeli occupation of Israel to which he and his brethren are objecting. The Post story is “Israel fires missile at leader of Hamas.”
On the Weekly Standard Web site, Joel Engel notes the cinematic parallels: “[P]redictability during scenes from the Middle East almost made me demand a refund on the grounds that I remember seeing this ‘Road Map to Peace’ thing 10 years ago, when it was called ‘The Oslo Accords.’ Though the roles have been recast and the dialogue updated, it’s still the same tired plot: Israelis are urged to make peace with people who announce they don’t want peace, and each time a bomber underlines the point by blowing up mothers and children in a caf


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