Meet Greg Packer

Ann Coulter has a good column on the Hillary public relations blitz: “True grit.” Toward the end of the column, she notes that the New York Times built its feature on the Hillary booksigning mania in Manhattan around one Greg Packer: “After being first in line for an autographed book at the Fifth Avenue Barnes & Noble, Packer gushed to the Times: ‘I’m a big fan of Hillary and Bill’s. I want to change her mind about running for president. I want to be part of her campaign.’ It was easy for the Times to spell Packer’s name right because he is apparently the entire media’s designated ‘man on the street’ for all articles ever written. He has appeared in news stories more than 100 times as a random member of the public. Packer was quoted on his reaction to military strikes against Iraq; he was quoted at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Veterans’ Day Parade. He was quoted at not one


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