Democrats Split on WMD

The New York Times reports on the Democrats’ agonizing over whether to attack President Bush on the alleged failure to locate Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction:
“Many party leaders say they are hopeful that questions about the weapons can be turned into a powerful political issue. But others are concerned that it may backfire, given the strong public support for Mr. Bush’s war policies, the public’s apparent indifference to the absence of weapons and the prospect that such weapons could turn up any day.”
I think the last point is the critical one. Indeed, I would take it one step farther and speculate that some Democrats are afraid that WMD’s have already been found, and the Admnistration is delaying making the news public in hopes that the Democrats get out on the limb. So far, the Democratic Presidential candidates who think they have a serious chance are staying relatively quiet, while those with nothing to lose–Howard Dean and Bob Graham–are using the issue to attack President Bush.


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