The hopeless warrior

Here is the Washington Post’s piece on Joseph Lieberman, the third in a series of profiles of the Democratic presidential hopefuls. This one is nearly content-free. For example, there is no discussion of instances where Lieberman’s centrist views have conflicted with positions he was under pressure to take as a national candidate for the Democrats in 2000. Similarly, we read nothing about the positions Lieberman has taken on behalf of the insurance companies that are so influential in his home state. We are told that one of Lieberman’s favorite statements is, “you gotta do what you gotta do,” but we’re left in the dark as to the things Lieberman has done because he felt he had to do them. I can’t imagine the Post letting off a Republican candidate for president, even John McCain, this lightly.
However, while the Post lost the opportunity to write a good story, it doesn’t matter very much. Lieberman has no chance of capturing the Democratic nomination.


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