Senator Russ Feingold

has a reputation for being one of the less extreme Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. But even this dubious honor may not be deserved. Kathryn Jean Lopez for National Review Online reports that Feingold attempted to discredit the judicial nomination of Alabama Attorney Gereral Bill Pryor by asking him about reports that Pryor cancelled a family trip to Disney World when he learned that the planned visit coincided with “Gay Day.” Pryor, who has stuck to his guns even when faced with serious and difficult questions, responded that “we made a value judgment and changed our plan and went another weekend.” Feingold then told Pryor, “I appreciate your candor on that.” This is Democrat-speak for “if you were a Democrat you would have lied and, since you didn’t, we gotcha, you fascist pig.”
As Lopez observes, however, “whatever your position on gay marriage or homosexuality, a private decision to not take your children to Disney World during ‘Gay Day’ would be considered by many parents to be a perfectly sensible decision — and certainly not proof that those parents are haters.” The fact that Feingold would question Pryor about this sensible, personal decision provides a glimpse of what the Democratic thought-police has in mind for America.


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