The grass roots boycott

National Review’s John Miller has a terrific column in the Weekend section of the Wall Street Journal on the historic roots of the enmity between the United States and France. He notes the continuing strength of the self-directed boycott of French products by Americans. I’m not sure that he’s entirely serious in this column, but I’m buying it, so to speak: “Best of enemies.”
On a related note, Jennifer Harper reports in the Washington Times: “Americans not ruffled by world’s contempt.” Harper quotes former Claremont prodigy Matt Spalding, now of the Heritage Foundation: “What we think of ourselves does not depend on the opinions of others. And that is what it means to be self-governing, as our founders originally intended. It gives us great confidence. We don’t ignore world opinion, but we don’t allow it to determine our fate. At our core, we have intellectual and moral independence in the very largest sense.”


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