More on the Bridge Bomber

The New York Times has more on Lyman Faris, the truck driver who plotted to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge.
The Times, of course, can’t merely note another success in the war against Islamofascist terror without taking a swipe at the Administration: “The chronology raised questions about whether the F.B.I. focused on Mr. Faris aggressively enough early in their investigation if he did represent a serious threat.”
This highlights the hypocrisy of the Left on the terror issue: its opposition to virtually anything the FBI and other agencies do to combat terror, combined with a childish insistence that all terrorists be caught, right now, apparently by a process of magical divination.
As Ann Coulter says in the column we linked to on Thursday, in connection with the Justice Department Inspector General’s report, which criticized the Department for failing to distinguish between illegal immigrants and terrorists: “Wow. What a great idea. If the FBI would simply ‘distinguish’ between the terrorists and everyone else, then they could just arrest all the terrorists! Why didn’t anyone else think of that?”
Here, of course, Faris was a citizen, so while he was questioned soon after September 11, 2001, he was not detained and subjected to the cruel and unusual punishment of being yelled at by a prison guard. To do anything further in regard to Faris after the initial interview, the FBI would have had to act solely on the basis of the fact that he was a Pakistani Muslim truck driver with questionable mental stability and a hazardous materials license. Such profiling would, of course, have been deemed outrageous by the Times and the Democrats generally. So the apprehension of Faris waited until he was fingered by Sheikh Khalid Muhammad.


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