Saddam Dead?

The Observer is reporting that a convoy en route from Iraq to Syria, believed to include Saddam Hussein and at least one of his sons, was detected and blasted into non-existence last night. The Observer claims that American officials are “cautiously optimistic” that Saddam was killed; remains of those killed are undergoing DNA analysis, the results of which are supposedly to be received “imminently.” It is unclear whether the attack was related to information obtained from Saddam’s top aide, Abid Hamad Mahmud, but that is an obvious possibility.
Personally, I am highly skeptical that this lead will pan out. The fact that neither Saddam nor Osama bin Laden has been confirmed dead has obscured the tremendous success that we have had in eliminating both al Qaeda terrorists and top Baathists. (At least 32 of the 55 most-wanted Iraqis have now been apprehended or confirmed killed.) So finding Saddam’s body would be a huge shot in the arm. But I doubt that he would have fled for Syria in a convoy.


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