Some Minorities Are More Equal than Others

Michelle Malkin points out the effect of the Supreme Court’s approval of race discrimination on the minority that the University of Michigan (and all other institutions that engage in race discrimination) forgot: Asian-Americans. Michelle says:
“[T]he high court upheld the university law school’s stealthier scheme of ensuring a ‘critical mass’ of racial and ethnic minorities.
“Except, that is, for Asians.
“Out of political expedience, you see, ‘minority’ has been redefined by racial-preference promoters. It is no longer an objective statistical category, but an ideological status. Members of minority groups who have overcome barriers to success — and who oppose being tallied by race — are no longer viewed as people with valuable heritages, diverse life experiences, or raw memories of discrimination and prejudice. They are effectively ‘white’ and simply don’t count.”


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