Debka File on Iraq

Debka File says that U.S. forces are building two giant intelligence centers in Iraq, one in Baghdad and one in Mosul. The intelligence centers are intended to provide electronic surveillance to protect our troops in Iraq, and equally important, to collect information about surrounding countries.
Debka also has a good word for Paul Bremer:
“These assaults are harmful but they do not detract from the overall American control over security in the broad expanses of a large country. There is every indication that the US civil administrator Paul Bremer is gradually pulling ahead of the difficulties. His recipe is simple. No Iraqi associated in any way with the overthrown Saddam regime or the outlawed Baath party is to be allowed to take part in government. Bremer equally bars from public service all Iraqis with foreign political connections, even American. This means that all political hopefuls from whatever party, ethnic group or religious sect will fight level for a place in government when the time comes


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