Strange bed-fellows

Arnold Beichman of the Hoover Institution attacks France in the Washington Times for arresting Maryam Rajavi, president elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. I respect Beichman, and I have no love for the French government. Nor am I particularly knowledgeable about Iranian poliical parties. All of that said, I consider Rajavi’s party, better known as the Mujahadeen, pretty distasteful. For example, it cast its lot with Saddam Hussein. Beichman notes that the Mujahadeen has been endorsed by huge parliamentary majorities throughout Europe, including 150 French deputies. That’s another reason to be suspicious.
Beichman says that the charges against Rajav — planning attacks against Iranian embassies throughout Europe — are fictitious. I have no way of assessing this.
By the way, members of the Mujahadeen are protesting vociferously in front of the French Embassy here in Washington. My wife, who works at the embassy and lived through the Iranian revolution, finds them pretty scary. Self-immolation is one of their preferred forms of protest. I’m not sure how much better off Iran would be with the Mujahadeen in power.