State Department Questions Mobile Lab Findings

Career bureaucrats at the State Department with loyalties to the Democratic Party have done everything possible to frustrate the Administration’s policy initiatives. The most recent outrage is a memo by the Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research which questions the conclusion by the CIA and DIA that the mobile laboratories found in Iraq were intended for biological weapons production. Following the usual pattern, the report’s conclusions were then leaked to the New York Times. The report itself was not leaked, which probably means that its reasoning was too weak to survive scrutiny.
As characterized by the usual anonymous State Department sources, the report claims that the conclusion that the labs were intended to produce biological weapons was “premature.” The Times helpfully tells us that “[t]he reasons cited in the State Department memorandum to justify its dissent could not be learned,” which makes it a little hard to judge its credibility. But one leaker says that the report speculates the labs could have been used for the refueling of Iraqi missiles.
The problem of Democratic activists who are embedded within the federal bureaucracy and who detest and seek to undermine any Republican administration is a huge one. The recent report on post-September 11 detentions by the Justice Department’s inspector general, a Clinton appointee who went to great lengths to try to make his own superiors look bad, is just one of many other examples. Unfortunately, there is no obvious solution to the problem.


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