France’s Would-Be Margaret Thatcher

You may have heard about Sabine Herold, the 21-year-old student who is leading the opposition to France’s striking unions. The Daily Telegraph reports on her visit to England:
“Standing on a telephone box in her pearl earrings and high heels, she addresses crowds of 80,000, urging them to rise up against the striking teachers, Metro workers, rubbish collectors and air traffic controllers who are ruining people’s lives. With her student friends, she has set up an organisation: Liberte J’Ecris Ton Nom, which has thousands of members, demanding that France reforms.”
She sent an email to various people in England prior to her trip there: “I would like to spend my time meeting politicians. I don’t wear jeans; I like red meat; please could I bring a camera crew?”
Sabine’s political heroine is Margaret Thatcher: “I love Britain. I love Margaret Thatcher. I love the way you have overcome the unions and are not afraid to privatise. I love the way you work so hard. In France, we have become lazy and staid. We think only of weekends, holidays and how great we once were. We need a dose of Thatcherism.”
She calls herself a classical liberal, and her orientation is largely libertarian: “The stories in our newspapers fascinate her. ‘What is this anti-smacking law? What is wrong with a quick smack? I thought only the French liked these silly laws. In Finland, men are made to do 40 per cent of the housework. Libertarians in every country should rise up against this madness.'”
She’s also a lot better looking than Jacques Chirac. Here she is:


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