Senator Dayton on Theology

Minnesota’s Mark Dayton may be the least distinguished member of the U.S. Senate. His abilities are modest at best, and his history of psychological problems is well documented–by himself. He is qualified for public office only by his immense inheritance.
Dayton recently gave a “homily” at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis. Here are some excerpts:
“Our country has moved decidedly to the right. Our citizens, many are less involved. Our social system is less compassionate, government is less effective and liberalism is more distrusted….Where is God in the midst of all this injustice? I don’t have a clue. I don’t know if He, or She, or Whatever doesn’t exist, died, is incompetent, doesn’t care, is laissez faire, or has a master plan I don’t understand.”
Yeah, that’s the problem with God. She’s too incompetent to smite Republicans the way she ought to. In normal times, this would be considered extraordinarily pathetic. These days, it’s pretty typical Democratic hysteria. But Dayton has all the earmarks of a one-termer.


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