The benefits conferred by “critical mass” diversity

The Yalediva, known here as Little Trunk, links to a student’s perspective on a sense in which participating in a student body with an artificially enlarged “critical mass” of minority students does benefit those admitted on a non-preferential basis. It comes from Ben Shapiro on
“I couldn’t be happier. Because I am already in college. And once you’re in, diversity programs are wonderful. Huge numbers of unqualified students walk into lecture each day. They struggle with the material. They ask ignorant questions. They stagger through assigned readings and then realize they’ve assimilated nothing. It makes the rest of us look like geniuses. For those who are qualified, diversity programs are a bonanza. Didn’t study for a big test? No big deal — those unqualified diversity admittees will certainly help the curve.”
And diversity admittees not only help the curve, they cause it to be redrawn. Shapiro notes that “the link between affirmative action and grade inflation is one of the most closely guarded secrets in academia.”


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