Have a Good Vacation, Deacon

Deacon is off to Rehoboth Beach, where he has a summer place. This has some resonance for me, as many years ago my older brother and I spent a memorable day at Rehoboth Beach with our aunt Carolyn and our uncle Charlie, who was a spy. (Charlie was immensely popular at Maryland dinner parties in the 1960’s because he was unable to talk about his job–unlike everyone else in the D.C. area–and therefore talked very intelligently about art and literature. It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten, although not always followed.)
Anyway, my brother and I spent most of the summer with our aunt and uncle in Maryland while our parents were in Europe. They visited Leningrad and Moscow in 1964, which was quite an experience. And one of the things we did while they were gone was to spend a day at Rehoboth Beach, where we were hideously sunburned. Boys in those days wouldn’t dream of applying suntan lotion. Anyway, here is a shot of Rehoboth Beach’s boardwalk, which looks just like I remember it from many years ago.


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