More European Sickness

Aldo Moro was the leader of the Christian Democratic Party in Italy. In 1978 he was kidnapped and eventually murdered by Communist terrorists called the Red Brigades, who were then in the midst of a terror spree that included numerous assassinations. Moro’s murder is said to have had a traumatic impact on Italy’s politics not unlike the impact the assassination of John Kennedy had in the U.S.
Now, twenty-five years later, the “truth” about Moro’s murder is finally coming out. The photo below is from a new Italian movie called, in English, “The Plaza of the Five Moons.” The actor on the left is Donald Sutherland. As reported by the Associated Press, the movie “expounds a sensational conclusion: both the American CIA and the Soviet KGB were behind the kidnapping, united in blocking the prospect of a ‘historic compromise’ under which Catholics would have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Communists.”
Well, it isn’t any stupider than the conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination. It is striking that in both cases, the murders were done by self-proclaimed Communists. But this hasn’t stopped leftists from fantasizing conspiracy theories in which the murderous Communists are transformed into the innocent victims of the conspiracy.
The AP says that “The Plaza of the Five Moons” is being billed as a “docudrama” and was “financed by Britain, France, Germany and Italy.”


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