Getting serious about race?

Stuart Taylor collects the data regarding the disparities in academic performance that underlie the University of Michigan’s racial preference programs: “Getting serious about race: The next 25 years.” The column has good links to related materials and usefully summarizes the data compiled by the Thernstroms in America in Black and White as well as more recent data. Taylor concludes by stating that school reform is the necessary precondition to improving the educational achievement of black students.
Black children should certainly be afforded schools that work, but Taylor leaves unmentioned the great social disparity between white and black children — the disparity in the number of children who grow up in single-parent families — and the related educational deficits, which I believe are apparent by the time kids start attending school. I wonder whether an equally important precondition to improving the educational achievement of black children is not the reconstitution of the black family. (Courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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