Pro-Freedom Protests in Hong Kong

Today is the sixth anniversary of the takeover of Hong Kong by China. If my memory is correct, Great Britain had a 99-year lease, during which time Hong Kong became one of the freest and most prosperous places in the world. When the lease expired, Britain returned the city to China, amid considerable trepidation over its residents’ future. China promised to respect the freedoms that the citizens of Hong Kong enjoyed as a British colony.
Now, however, China has announced a new “anti-subversion” law which will be Article 23 of Hong Kong’s “Basic Law.” I have not been able to locate the text of Article 23, but it appears to broadly prohibit subversion, treason, and publishing of state secrets.
Today a crowd estimated at several hundred thousand took to the streets of Hong Kong to protest against Article 23.
It will be interesting to see what kind of coverage this pro-freedom demonstration gets in the American press.


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