Here comes Ward Connerly

Ward Connerly has the best column of the day, vowing to lead the charge in Michigan to redeem the self-evident truths of the Declaration of Independence: “Liberty, equality…and diversity?”
Connerly writes: “[T]he Supreme Court has now demoted the concept of equality under the law in favor of a concept with a much cheaper pedigree: ‘diversity.’ Although no American ever fought or died to promote it, and few can even define it, our robed masters in Washington have declared that equality under the law must be balanced with ‘compelling interest’ in attaining ‘diversity.’
“‘Diversity.’ Such an innocuous, pleasant-sounding idea. Who could be against it? But ‘diversity’ is an empty vessel of a word, begging to be filled with meaning by the listener. To many, it means students of all colors and backgrounds will populate our nations’ universities in harmony. All fair and reasonable people applaud that. To the academic elites, ‘diversity’ means a license to discriminate to achieve the ‘critical mass’ objectives that reside solely in their minds.”


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