President Bush on the Declaration

President Bush spent the 4th of July at the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio, where he addressed an audience of Air Force personnel.
President Bush said:
“Our nation is still at war. The enemies of America plot against us. And many of our fellow citizens are still serving and sacrificing and facing danger in distant places. Many military families are separated. Our people in uniform do not have easy duty, and much depends on their success. Without America’s active involvement in the world, the ambitions of tyrants would go unopposed, and millions would live at the mercy of terrorists. With Americans’ active involvement in the world, tyrants learn to fear, and terrorists are on the run.
“By killing innocent Americans, our enemies made their intentions clear to us. And since that September day, we have made our own intentions clear to them. The United States will not stand by and wait for another attack, or trust in the restraint and good intentions of evil men. We are on the offensive against terrorists and all who support them. We will not permit any terrorist group or outlaw regime to threaten us with weapons of mass murder. We will act whenever it is necessary to protect the lives and the liberty of the American people.
“America’s work in the world does not end with the removal of grave threats. The Declaration of Independence holds a promise for all mankind. Because Americans believe that freedom is an unalienable right, we value the freedom of every nation. Because we are committed to the God-given worth of every life, we work for human dignity. We protect our friends. And we raised up former enemies to be our friends.”
I posted earlier today on the latest screed by Robert Scheer, who wants to consign the Iraqi people to a “stable secular dictatorship,” which he thinks is the most they can hope for. On this July 4th, what a contrast there is between the President and his critics. Who is the legitimate heir of the Founders? The President’s critics, who think that freedom wasn’t meant for Arabs? Or the President, who believes that “the Declaration of Independence holds a promise for all mankind”?
The complete text of President Bush’s speech is here.


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