For a far more insightful look at Howard Dean. . .

check out Mark Steyn’s take in the Washington Times. Steyn lives in New Hampshire and has watched Dean operate from across the border in Vermont. He has not been impressed: “[Dean] didn’t do much for Vermont. The eastern part of the state. . .is a patchwork of broken-down farms whose owners pay some of the highest taxes in the republic and get very little in return, except the sense that they’ve lost control over their own affairs.” But Steyn is impressed with Dean’s campaign for president: “In a field split between five lackluster congressional sell-outs and three fringe whackos, he has done a superb job at positioning himself as the heart of the party. . . .Out in Hollywood all Barbra Streisand and the other high-rollers know is that, if gay marriage is your big priority, rather than Iraq and national security and all the other trivia, then Mr. Dean’s your man.”
Steyn concludes as follows: “My Vermont pals are stunned at how their hitherto obscure former governor has suddenly gone big-time. Either that, or their party’s decided to go small-time.”
Update: The link is finally working. Thanks to my daughter Laura for alerting me to the problem and to reader Kevin Murphy for explaining how to fix it.


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