Then again, sometimes I think. . .

the liberal Democrats’ biggest deficiency is lack of seriousness, not lack of scruples. How else does one explain the Howard Dean boomlet, as described by Mark Steyn in my blog from last night? The liberal Dems are now gaga over a budget-balancing, fiscally conservative (in the old sense) non-entity who opposes gun control, supports the death penalty, and is to the right of Dick Gephardt on providing government funded health care. Why? First, he managed to position himself somewhat to the left of his opponents (Kucinich and Sharpton excepted) with respect to a military action that is now a fait accompli. Second, he signed (albeit behind closed doors, and claiming he had no choice) a law recognizing a form of legal relationship for same-sex couples. Could a conservative Republcian with a substantive record as mixed as Dean’s make the kind of headway Dean has with the ideologically driven wing of the party? Either the liberal Democrats aren’t paying attention or else pacifism and support for gay rights now trumps all.


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