Bush’s Popularity Erodes, But Not Much

Real Clear Politics has posted the most recent set of approval ratings for President Bush. They show that the President’s popularity has slipped somewhat in the past few weeks, no doubt the effect of constant attacks by the Democrats over Iraq and other matters and unrelieved negativity in the press on Iraq. But the White House must be relieved that the erosion has not been worse. The President’s approval ratings continue at 60% or above, notwithstanding the fact that there has been little or no good news since the end of the Iraq war.
The coming days are likely to see more positive headlines: Saddam will probably be captured or killed, democracy and reconstruction will move forward in Iraq, WMD programs will be revealed, and the economy will continue to improve. So, barring a major surprise like another terrorist attack or some unforeseeable setback in Iraq, the President’s numbers will probably move up again soon.


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