Talkin’ ’bout a revolution

The headline above alludes to an evocative Tracy Chapman song; would that the left-wing folkies like Chapman (and the guys who write Colin Powell’s talking points) were ever talkin’ ’bout a revolution to overthrow tyrants and butchers like the Iranian mullahs. Today some of those yearning to breathe free in Iran, some of those who have not already been imprisoned, will have the audacity to express themselves publicly. We wish them well.
In an excellent column on National Review Online Pooya Dayanim suggests that today marks the coming of “Judgment day” for the mullahocracy. Those seeking to follow developments today should stay tuned to Pejman Yousefzadeh’s terrific blog Pejmanesque as well as Charles Johnson’s invaluable Little Green Footballs.
In the meantime, Pejman has steered us to this hilarious response to the Nigerian Internet scam artists. Scott Ganz, the author of the response, appears to have been inspired by George MacDonald Fraser’s chronicles of the Victorian-era British rogue Harry Flashman.
UPDATE: AEI has made available Michael Ledeen’s column clarifying Secretary Powell’s sentiments expressed in the article linked to above. Ledeen’s column is “What Powell really said on Iran.”


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