I don’t buy it

Dafydd Ab Hugh’s defense of Ann Coulter, that is. Given her stature, Coulter could have written a non-over-the-top analysis of the McCarthy era that would have been just as widely read as Treason will be, and that could not as easily be dismissed as crackpot conservatism. Moreover, because the popular perception of the period is so skewed, such an analysis, written in the Coulter style, would have been inflammatory enough to create plenty of buzz. There is enough treason to write about without questioning the patriotism, or denying the contributions, of Democratic cold warriors. In any case, when one writes about history, the primary obligation is to get it right, not to put the left on the defensive. And, to the extent that Coulter didn’t get it right, the obligation of conservative commentators is to point this out (though not to “purge” Coulter in any sense).