This just in from our MIA sports editor

Sorry I couldn’t find the time to respond earlier to Trunk’s post comparing the Washington Post and Washington Times stories on Title IX. It’s been a crazy day. I think Dafydd ab Hugh got it right. The real winner, though, seems to be George Bush. He managed to get Title IX back on track and still draw praise from the “feminists.” Colleges and universities are also winners (following up on their success in the University of Michigan litigation). They now have more flexibility in complying with Title IX. Some may use the first “prong” as a pretext for axing men’s sports programs. But, in the absence of the Clinton “gloss,” most almost surely will take one of the more rational approaches now blessed by the government.
The thing I don’t understand is why the liberal Washington Post elected not to treat the story as an example of the evil Bush administration eroding the progress made under Title IX. To do so would have been dishonest, but so too, in a sense, is the story the Post ran. This time the Post erred in a way that makes the president look good to swing femle voters. That doesn’t happen very often.


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