A rout and a Kraut

Mark Steyn and Ralph Peters both unleash torrents of political incorrectness in columns this morning.
Steyn’s column makes a serious point about the remarkable success of the gay rights movement in overturning some of the most deeply held religious beliefs and related traditions expressed in the laws of all Western countries: “There’s no stopping them now.” Steyn observes: “Whether or not one approves of the sodomites, I can’t help feeling a mite envious: How come guys this good never get the marketing account for my pet causes?”
Ralph Peters responds to Gerhard Schroeder’s cancellation of Schroeder’s Italian vacation with celebratory disgust: “Let ’em eat wurst.” Peters gets rolling with the observation that “the German contribution to the Renaissance was the realization that you could fit more beer in a bigger mug.” (Both courtesy of RealClearPolitics.)


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