Reuters: Let’s Not Jump To Conclusions

Reuters has been pummelled about as often as the New York Times, especially regarding its coverage of Israel, but they just keep on offending. Check out this report on an attack on a Tel Aviv night club by a member of the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades:
“A Palestinian man stabbed to death one Israeli and wounded another on Tel Aviv’s seaside promenade on Tuesday in what Israeli police called ‘a terrorist attack.'” Well, that’s their opinion, anyway. But Reuters, always loath to think ill of Palestinians, isn’t jumping to any conclusions. In a separate report, Reuters says:
“A Palestinian stabbed to death one person and wounded two others on a seaside promenade in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv early on Tuesday, police said. The motives of the attacker, who was shot and wounded by an Israeli man as he fled, were not immediately clear.”


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