Saying “no” to the BBC propaganda machine

Israel has decided to “reevaluate” its relationship with the BBC. The outfit can continue to operate freely in Israel, but not with the government’s “cordial cooperation.” Daniel Seaman, Director of the Israel Government Press Office explains why in this column for the Jerusalem Post. The column demonstrates that “the BBC has crossed the line from valid criticism into villification and demonization of the State of Israel to such an extent as borders on delegitimization of the nation itself.” Consider two of the examples marshalled by Seaman. Months after a UN investigation concluded there was no evidence of a massacre in Jenin, BBC anchors and the BBC web site still implied doubt as to what really happened. And in a recent program, allegations were again raised about Israel’s use of a “mysterious” gas in Gaza, ignoring the fact that medical experts refuted this hoax over two years ago. Seaman considers this recycling of malicious falsehoods “a direct cause of incitement.” He contends that “such treatment reinforces acts of anti-Semitism and violence against Israelis and Jews worldwide.”
The BBC’s utter lack of credibility on issues relating to Israel is old news. Unfortunately, the BBC no longer reports credibly about the U.S. or, indeed, Great Britain either.


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