European Crime Wave

Liberals have, for many years, pointed to low crime rates in Europe as indicative of the superiority of social welfare-oriented public policy. America has generally been viewed be liberals as a violent, gun-infested place, compared to civilized, peaceful Europe.
In recent years, however, these roles have been reversed as crime rates in America have dropped lower and lower, and American cities have been cleaned up and made safer. In Europe, on the other hand, crime rates have skyrocketed. Here, the Sun reports on the latest crime data from Great Britain: “A Nation Stalked by Fear.” The stories are familiar to Americans–people afraid to leave their houses, drugs fueling increases in theft and violent crime, etc. And the same story is happening all over western Europe.
To some extent, the rise in violent crime is related to soaring Muslim immigration. More broadly, the liberalism that infects Europe both encourages crime and leads inevitably to ineffective law enforcement. Whether European governments will have the political will to adopt the tough crime-fighting tactics that cleaned up New York and other American cities remains in doubt.


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