A pathologically disgruntled lunatic fringe

According to Bill Kristol in the Weekly Standard editorial for the issue out this morning, that’s what the Democrats have become: “Bush suckers the Democrats.” Fred Barnes details a high degree of sheer incompetence as having induced the frenzy of the Democrats (and of the media): “The phony scandal.”
But the gem of the issue is Eric Pfeiffer’s portrait of Dennis Miller: “Miller’s crossing.” Defending John Ashcroft on the issue of civil liberties, Miller provides the piece’s inspirational quote: “[T]he main civil liberty I’m looking to protect is the ‘me not getting blown up’ one. I don’t know if it’s written down anywhere in Tom Paine’s crib sheets, but that’s my big one.” And I’ll save you the trouble of locating his take on Howard Dean: “Howard Dean can roll up his sleeves in public all he wants, but as long as you can see that heart tattoo with Neville Chamberlain’s name on his right forearm, he’s never going to get off the pad.”


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