One Man’s Peaceful Protestor is Another Man’s Extreme Right-Wing Activist

There is considerable irony in the commentary on this picture by AFP, the French news agency:
Here is the AFP’s news item, in its entirety: “An Israeli extreme-right wing activist from the Women in Green movement masqueraded as a Palestinian militant protests in front of Isreali prime minister’s office in Jerusalem. A few dozen of people, demonstrated against Ariel Sharon before today’s meeting between him and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.”
Got that? This Israeli protestor is an “extreme right-wing activist.” Never once has AFP ever referred to a Palestinian terrorist as an “extreme left-wing activist.” Palestinian mass murderers are merely activists. But this woman, who is peacefully protesting by dressing up as a Palestinian mass murderer, without actually harming anyone, is a right wing extremist. Anti-Israel bias in France (and, to be fair, in the worldwide news media generally) is so pervasive that absurdities like this one pass without comment.


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