Secret Service Misses the Point?

This cartoon by the relatively conservative cartoonist Michael Ramirez appeared in the L.A. Times today:
The cartoon is obviously friendly to President Bush and seems pretty apt to me. But Matt Drudge reports that the Secret Service is up in arms about the depiction of someone shooting the President, and Drudge quotes a White House reporter–almost certainly a Democrat–saying “there’s a viciousness about this that’s just not funny.”
This seems quite bizarre to me. Ramirez’s cartoon is at the opposite end of the scale from Conan O’Brien’s display of a photo of President Bush with a “snipers wanted” (if memory serves) sign. The “viciousness” is not in Ramirez’s cartoon, but rather in the mindless partisan attacks on the President which dominate the news day after day. My advice to the Secret Service: Relax. You’re worrying about the wrong threat.
BIG TRUNK adds: Two of our readers have written to advise that it was Craig Kilborn rather than Conan O’Brien who diplayed the sign Rocket Man describes.
HINDROCKET adds: Mea culpa. That’s what I get for posting from memory.


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