Saudis Corral More Terrorists

Saudi Arabia has announced that it has arrested 16 members of a terrorist cell that was said to be planning attacks in three cities.
Seized materials included an enormous amount of terrorist weaponry: “over 20 tons of chemicals that can be used to make explosives. In addition, 72 kilograms of RVX plastic explosive and 981 meters of fuse cord were seized. Cameras and night scopes were also seized, as were bullet proof vests, maps and information on how to mix the chemicals to make bombs. In addition, the ministry said it seized propaganda including videotapes and computer disks with information urging Saudis to revolt against the government.”
Our government’s cozy relationship with the Saudis, the principal sponsors of Wahabbism and one of the chief sponsors of international terrorism, has been widely and appropriately criticized. At this point, however, the Saudis appear to recognize that they cannot buy peace by supporting terror, and they seem genuinely committed–out of self-interest, obviously–to rooting out the terrorist groups inside Saudi Arabia and cracking down on individual Saudis’ support for terrorism. That being the case, is there any practical alternative to continuing our historic alliance with the Saudi royal family, at least for the time being? I don’t think so.


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