Saddam’s Sons Dead?

American officials believe that both Qusay and Uday Hussein may be among those killed in the gun battle in Mosul that we posted on earlier. Here is the Washington Post’s account. Apparently there was a four-hour gun battle in which at least five Iraqis were killed, four of whom were described by those on the scene as “high value” targets.
Given past false alarms about Saddam’s alleged demise, skepticism is warranted until the speculation about his sons is confirmed. But if the bodies really are Qusay and Uday, it would give the Administration and pro-American Iraqis a huge lift.
UPDATE: Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez announced in a Baghdad news conference that “We are certain that Odai and Qusai were killed today.” Iraqis have heard the news and are beginning to celebrate.
FURTHER UPDATE: Here’s more. It appears that a “walk-in” informant told U.S. forces that Uday and Qusay were in the building; the informant apparently will collect the $30 million reward money for the two men. When word of the reward gets around, do you suppose things will get a little warm for Saddam?
AND HERE is the full text of General Sanchez’s briefing. A much fuller presentation will apparently be made tomorrow morning, Iraq time.
AND FINALLY: Hasta la Vista, guys!


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