Who “sexed up” what?

From National Review Online, here is Denis Boyles on the suicide of David Kelly and the events that led to it. It seems clear that the BBC’s “expose,” in which it claimed that the Blair government “sexed up” an intelligence dossier about Iraqi capabilities, was based on lies either by Kelly, or by the BBC’s Andrew Gilligan, or by both. So what should happen next? Obviously, Tony Blair should resign.
Boyles’ account is worth reading to the end. For those who don’t make it that far, this is the author’s parting shot at the BBC:
“The war to win the war is far from over. Rather than admit they’re wrong about Gilligan, wrong about Kelly, wrong about the 45 minutes, and wrong about the legitimacy of a war most of them just didn’t like, an entire cohort of ridiculous Beeb ideologues apparently would prefer see the Corporation’s once-sterling reputation for fairness, excellence, and journalistic integrity go straight to hell. But somewhere way out yonder, where Howell Raines sits rereading Amiri Baraka one more time to poor Gerald Boyd, someone is making a place for Greg Dyke, Gavyn Davies, Richard Sambrook


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